security cabin

Our Security Cabin at Saman Portable addresses primary security needs of multifaceted companies since inception. We are a leading manufacturer and seller of pre-engineered security cabins in India. Being among the top manufacturers of prefabricated Industry in India, we employ a robust R&D structure with skilled engineers and a team of a dedicated workforce to carry out our work.

Prefab Security Cabins

With the world going eco-friendly, we at Saman Portable have also walked down the Green Path by manufacturing eco-friendly security cabin. A prefab security cabin offers a customizable place to accommodate a limited number of security members. Although, with modular cabins, a company can easily extend or dismantle the cabin based on the increase and decrease of employees. Unlike traditional buildings, you don’t have to go through the hassle associated with constructing traditional structures.

Productive Features:

Securing one’s asset is a primary need of the hour. Therefore, all residential buildings and commercial properties install modular security cabins, which is a much better alternative for traditional brick and mortar security cabins. What makes our security cabins is their flexibility, affordability and low space allocation. As they are easily transportable and lighter in weight, you can carry our security cabins anywhere you go with you. The transportability features of our modular security cabin allows companies to execute their tasks with ease, without any significant investments. They are so adaptable that, you can install them anywhere, such as at the front of the gate, in front of an office, at the entrance of a building or in front of a shopping store. The best part is that you don’t have to build individual cabins for every security purposes, instead, you can use the same cabin in different places, as per your requirement.

Product Details

Approx. Rs 1,100 / Square Feet

Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Square Feet

Door Height
6-8 ft
Surface Finish
Color Coated
Easily Assembled
Built Type
We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of Portable Home Container.

Extensive Customisation:

We are honoured among prominent prefab manufacturers in India for the extensive customisation we offer in our products. Our security cabins include features like lights, fans, doors, windows and all the other appliances and equipment required in a traditional office. For ventilation purpose, you can also install a wind operated turbo ventilator. All our end-products strictly follows the International Safety Guidance, offering absolute safety to the people inside it. As our security cabins are adequately insulated, it eliminates all chances of electrocution as well.

Sophisticated Manufacturing Process:

Each of our security cabins undergoes a stringent procurement, designing and manufacturing process before they reach our customers. With years in the field, we have managed to build a productive partnership with numerous reputed raw material providers across the country. As a result, we can procure the best quality raw materials at a low cost, which further reflects in the price of our end-products. Furthermore, we follow a stringent procuring process which involves a thorough testing process by our procuring officers.


As we manufactured customised security cabin, we have established a strategic and sophisticated manufacturing process. It starts with considering our customers’ requirements and moulding that idea into exceptional end-products using ultramodern technology. 

Customers are required to give us some information so that our professional designers can show them various interesting alternative layouts, from which they can select the best. All we need is the number of security personnel for whom you are building the security cabins along with the size of the allotted land area. While some companies make spacious security cabinets while some order cabinets allowing a small area to sit. However, at Saman Portable, we focus on crafting an office that not only fits your budget but also offers ample of space without making your employees feel suffocated.



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